Example Code for Javascript Sandbox features

The way the Javascript sandbox talks to the outside world can sometimes be a bit un-intuitive when first starting with Vumi Go development.

Here are some code samples to give you a head start:

Using the Key-Value store:

The KV store allows for GET, SET and INCR operations. These are namespaced to your account unless you explicitly namespace it differently per conversation. This allows you to share counters across different applications.

If you’re looking for DECR just use INCR with a negative value.


Firing Events from an Application

Metrics are crucial for any application. Our metrics backend is powered by Graphite and your application can send metrics to Graphite for aggregation.

The metrics are not yet visible within the UI but hopefully will be graphed there soon.


Using the HTTP API

The HTTP API allows for interacting with 3rd party applications that are not hosted on our platform. It allows for both streaming of messages in real time or using HTTP POST to forward message (and message events) to a remote URL.

Django backend for HTTP forwarding setup:
Node.js backend for consuming the Streaming API: